Copia, the American Center for Wine Food & the Arts - Napa, CA

Sarah’s presentation at Copia was a smashing success. The event was one of Copia’s ongoing food programs. The culinary group at the Copia kitchens prepared a recipe from Sarah’s book to be shared with the audience. The Copia kitchen team chose the Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce. “It seemed like an awful lot of ginger,” said the chef who prepared the gingerbread, “but it turned out very well!”

Sarah at COPIA

Linda Carucci (at left), Julia Child Director of Culinary Programs at Copia, with Sarah Rolph, author of A1 Diner.

At the program, Sarah gave a short presentation about the history of the Worcester diner and the A1 Diner's delightful cast of characters. Then culinary director Linda Carucci engaged Sarah in a discussion about the book and about the diner's cultural and culinary history. Linda and her kitchen team are enthusiastic about the book; with roots in New England, both she and Copia's wine director are quite likely to be spotted one of these days at A1 Diner.