Great writing makes a difference. Get and keep the attention of your readers with websites, articles, and case studies that tell your story effectively. Writing projects include:

Contributed articles. One of the best ways to get the word out about your company is to contribute a thoughtful, well-written article to a trade publication.

Case studies. Few marketing materials carry the credibility of the well-documented successes of your customers.

Websites. Your website should tell your story quickly and clearly. Sarah teams with Kerrie Kennedy of Intente to create great websites.

Whitepapers. Back up your marketing claims with evidence and anecdotes, to prove your story and bring it to life.

Brochures. When a professionally designed and printed document is called for, Sarah teams with graphic designers to provide full-service print projects such as brochures.

Newsletters. An ongoing newsletter can be great way to keep your prospects and customers informed and interested. With today’s sophisticated email systems, newsletters are easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Sarah’s narrative nonfiction interest is in cultural and culinary history. Her current book, published in 2006 by Tilbury House, is A1 Diner: Real Food, Recipes, and Recollections, a history with recipes. She is currently working on a book about Drake’s Bay Oyster Farm in Point Reyes, California, her favorite place. Together with a noted historian, she is also researching a Point Reyes culinary history for a future book.